Open a World of Opportunities

Liberal arts students are exposed to a broad spectrum of knowledge — in the natural and social sciences, communications, psychology, foreign language, and the humanities.

To be considered for admission, applicants must meet all requirements including successfully completing high school or a high school equivalency program.

You will develop the vital skills of critical thinking, writing, and oral communication, as well as the technological competence that is critical in today's job market.

Liberal arts graduates possess the intellect, flexibility, and varied skills that enable them to adjust to future changes in the world and the workplace.

In essence, a degree in the liberal arts prepares you for much more than just a job. It prepares you for a lifetime.

In the School of New Resources, process, content, and conscious reflection are integrated into the curriculum to transform the liberal arts into the life arts.

Through core seminars, students explore subject areas beyond the confines of a single discipline in such courses as the Human Body, Urban Community, American Experience, and Science and Human Values.

Areas of Interest

As part of your Bachelor of Arts degree, you may choose to specialize in an area of concentration:

  • Communications
  • Foreign Languages
  • Letters (English literature, philosophy)
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences