Academics at the School of New Resources

The School of New Resources offers an undergraduate liberal arts education for a wide variety of adult learners. SNR graduates are prepared with the expertise, connections, and confidence required to make meaningful contributions to their communities, succeed in today's job market, and improve their lives.

Liberal Arts Education

The School of New Resources is committed to providing a quality liberal arts education, affording students the opportunity to develop essential critical thinking, writing, and oral communication skills through seminar-style exploration of a broad range of subjects.

Specialized Concentrations

SNR students earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Liberal Arts. As part of their studies, students can concentrate in one of several areas of interest: Communications, Foreign Languages, Letters (English composition and literature, philosophy, religious studies), Psychology, or Social Sciences.

Innovative Education with Your Needs in Mind

SNR students work closely with their advisors to develop a customized plan of study and an attainable path to their degree. In order to ensure that students get the most from their education — and reach graduation as early and efficiently as possible — we offer night and weekend classes, the unique opportunity to take six-credit courses, and the Prior Learning Portfolio Process, which allows students to earn up to 30 credits from work and life experiences.

A clear path to a meaningful career

SNR is proud to offer ACCESS (Adult Career Counseling: Education and Support Services), a unique program that positions our adult students to select meaningful careers where they will excel upon graduation. Students who participate in ACCESS take part in a series of seminars that help them to view their career goals in the context of their lives, taking into account their talents, social and cultural activities, and personal situations. This reflection and guidance leads to a tailored program of study and right-fit careers, ensuring enhanced personal satisfaction and success.