Visual Arts Education Certificate

Art class.Teacher education programs in the School of Arts & Sciences emphasize the development of pure knowledge in subjects taught, pedagogical understanding, and professional competence. Program development is guided by standards established by national and state professional organizations, including the Interstate Teacher and Support Consortium (INTASC) and the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). The program is accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

Coursework prepares students to teach using best practices that integrate the New York State and Common Core Learning Standards. Teacher candidates develop a sound understanding of the educational needs of students across the range of developmental levels. Course work and practical experiences in a variety of communities enable students to work effectively with diverse student populations, and school community members. Several of the education courses include extensive field work and experience and contact with local practitioners in classroom settings.

Students gain proficiency in the area of Fine Arts and, upon completion of the School of Arts & Sciences Education program registered with the State Education Department, are eligible for initial Teacher Certification: Visual Arts Grades K-12. This degree is preparatory for graduate study. A five-year program allowing students to complete their undergraduate and graduate studies is available.

The following are majors in art which students can choose:

  • Studio Art
  • Art Education
  • Art History
  • Art Therapy (Grades K-12)

Required Courses

All students who wish to complete Initial Teacher Certification: Visual Arts K-12 requirements must include the following among the 60 credits in Liberal Studies:

  • EDU 211 - Educational Psychology 3 cr. *
  • PHL 267 - Philosophy of Education 3 cr.
  • PSY 242 - Adolescent Psychology 3 cr.
  • EDU 118 - Orientation to Teaching 3 cr.
  • EDU 120 - Education of Students with Diverse Needs 3 cr. *

Note:  * Students in the Education Department gain valuable experience working in classrooms observing, assisting, and teaching school aged children under the supervision of experienced teachers. Fieldwork is required in designated courses and must be completed before student teaching, which is done during the final semester of study. Faculty assist in securing placements and provide supervision for these experiences. Students are required to obtain fingerprinting clearance by the New York state Education Department prior to working in most school districts.

Professional Studies

Included in the 60 credits in Professional Studies are the following required courses:

  • EDU 349Z - The Teaching of Art in Secondary School 3 cr.
  • EDU 359Z - The Teaching of Art in Elementary School 3 cr.
  • EDU 370Z - Field Work in Education 0 - 3 cr. *
  • EDU 495Z - Observation and Student Teaching: Art 6 or 10 cr. (6 cr. required) OR EDU 499Z - Observation and Student Teaching: Art 6 or 10 cr. (10 cr. required)
  • ART 370Z - Computer Graphics I 3 cr.

Note: * is required only for students who have not completed 100 hours of fieldwork within their other courses.

The following Physical Education course is also required for Initial Teacher Certification: Visual Arts K-12:

  • PHE 169 - Health, Physical Education and Safety for the School-Age Child

For course descriptions, visit the catalog.