Orientation at The College of New Rochelle focuses on helping you transition into and engage in CNR's mission and vision of community.

The College of New Rochelle orientation staff is here to help:

  • Encourage you to make important connections that will help you grow personally, academically, emotionally, and socially during your time at CNR.
  • Put you in touch with valuable campus resources as early as possible to support you in your journey.
  • Provide interactive and exciting experiences that will enable you to become fully engaged in all that CNR has to offer.
  • Create a sense of belonging that will mean staying involved in the College long after you graduate.

For further information about orientation, call (914) 654-5862 or email for assistance.



CNR assists all its students in their pursuit of academic success, and will provide you with a host of experiences and tools to prepare you for your professional career. Your journey toward success begins right at the start of the academic year!

Freshmen Orientation is mandatory for all incoming students. At Orientation, you will participate in the following activities:

  • Meet College administration, faculty, and staff
  • Academic advisement and registration
  • Take ID Card photo (please bring state-issued ID with you)
  • Learn about a variety of college resources for student success
  • And much more!

Fall Orientation traditionally begins the Sunday before Labor Day for residents and on the Tuesday after Labor Day for commuters. Classes begin on the Wednesday following Labor Day.

During Fall Orientation, you will participate in a variety of events including:

  • Resident Student Move-In    
  • On Campus 101 (for commuters)
  • The CNR College Experience  
  • Freshman Convocation
  • A BBQ with the President
  • And much more!

The fun doesn't stop there. CNR will WOW you with our Weeks of Welcome activities, which include New York City trips and tours, a movie on Maura Lawn, sporting events, intramurals, and more!


Transfer students participate in a one-day orientation session prior to the start of the semester that will allow you to familiarize yourself with CNR's resources.

We understand that transfer students already bring a wealth of knowledge with them. Therefore, transfer orientation is designed to specifically introduce you to CNR's unique offerings.  

You will participate in a variety of events including:

  • Services for Students (Student Life, Security, Meal Plans, IDs)
  • Academic Success Panel (MyCNR, Angel, Information Literacy)
  • Meet with Bursar and Financial Aid office
  • Submit immunization forms
  • Photos for CNR identification cards are taken
  • Students receive academic advisement if not already done