Music Ensembles

Singers and musiciansThe College of New Rochelle has a rich music tradition that stretches over the history of the College. That tradition has expanded recently to meet the needs of a talented and diverse student body. Director of Music Ensembles Xheni (Jenny) Rroji (CONTACT) guides these groups, who perform at secular and non-secular events throughout the academic year.

CNR offers a special grant opportunity to participate in one or more of our music ensembles. Qualified students are eligible for a grant, applied towards residential housing costs, ranging from $1,000 to $4,000.


The music ensemble groups at The College of New Rochelle include:

The Holy Family Chapel Choir

Becoming increasingly visible on and off campus, the Holy Family Chapel Choir performs at numerous functions throughout the school year, but has a primary role of leading the congregation in singing at the 11 a.m. Sunday Mass at the College's Holy Family Chapel. The group also performs at the annual winter and spring concerts that remain the highlight of each semester.

Sharing a passion for singing, these choristers train twice a week preparing and building their repertoire, which touches a variety of genres and styles from medieval music to contemporary classical to Broadway and jazz.

The Acappellistas

Since its inception in September 2013, this all-female a cappella ensemble enjoys singing in this unique creative environment where they develop their skills as vocalists, arrangers, and beatboxers.

These talented vocalists are committed to excellence in singing; they can be found pretty much anywhere on campus, encompassing a variety of majors and participating in various campus organizations. But if there is anything they all have in common, it's that they all love performing and putting on a fun show.

The Gospel Choir

The Gospel Choir gathers singers of various musical experience, ethnic backgrounds, and ages to celebrate music and spirituality through the rich tradition of gospel music.

With songs ranging from inspirational spirituals to contemporary gospel tunes, the choir strives to share the Good News of gospel music with diverse audiences, leaving them joyful, hopeful, and filled with spirit.

The choir's spirit and harmonies invariably bring audiences to their feet in all different settings.

Instrumental Ensembles

We are currently auditioning students who play instruments to be a part of our music ensembles.

For more info, please contact the director of music ensembles, Jenny Rroji, at (914) 654-5867 or