Liberal Arts Core Program

Our Liberal Arts Core Program, required of all students in the School of Arts & Sciences, exposes students to the broad spectrum of human cultural achievements — art, science, literature, language, philosophy, and religion. Consisting of interdisciplinary and skills-oriented courses, the program develops students' writing, mathematical, and analytical skills, preparing them to function usefully in a world that is multicultural, diverse, and interdependent.

Students entering the program are required to take INS 110: The First-Year Experience, a course that assists students with the transition to college, integrating educational, career, and personal goals, campus life, and academic requirements. In addition, the liberal arts program requires writing and mathematics courses and a selection of courses in the following categories:

  • Religious Studies
  • Philosophical Approaches
  • Social Analysis
  • Literature and the Arts  
  • Foreign Language  
  • Scientific Inquiry

A capstone seminar, Viewpoints, taken in the junior or senior year, is also required. Viewpoints courses are advanced liberal arts courses in which faculty members draw upon the objectives, content, and approaches of two or more of the core categories — Religious Studies, Philosophical Approaches, Social Analysis, Literature and the Arts, and Scientific Inquiry — and explore their interactions around a specific theme.