As a student in our English program, you’ll explore the characteristics of different literary genres, analyze the works of major authors, and delve into the tradition and history of English and American literature. You’ll also study a body of literature that reflects your individual interests, using rigorous literary methodology and modes of inquiry.

English majors avoid narrow specialization and develop abilities that can be used throughout a lifetime. As a student in the English program, you’ll develop habits of critical thinking and logical analysis. You’ll be introduced to a valuable body of knowledge, gain insight into character, strengthen your imagination and empathy, and increase your awareness of beauty and order. Our faculty will help prepare you to use modern methods of research and express your ideas with clarity and grace.


An English major consists of 36 to 42 credits in English course work with the following requirements:

  • ENG 228 - Introduction to Literary Theory, Criticism, and Research, 3 cr.
  • ENG 264 - Shakespeare, 3 cr.
  • Two English seminars, 6 cr. (Typically taken in junior and senior years and requiring a major research paper)

Two Courses - 6 Credits
(Typically taken in the first two years)

  • ENG 113 - Survey of English Literature I, 3 cr.
  • ENG 114 - Survey of English Literature II, 3 cr.

One Course - 3 Credits
(Typically taken in the first two years)

  • ENG 111 - Survey of American Literature I, 3 cr. OR ENG 112 - Survey of American Literature II, 3 cr.


A student may minor in English by successfully completing 18 credits in English course work.

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Annales is The College of New Rochelle's yearbook. Annales takes CNR's memories and puts them into a book for students to forever look back on. Staff members of Annales work closely with a deadline to put the book out on time. It is a great learning opportunity and resume builder.


Phoenix is the Literary and Arts magazine for the School of Arts & Sciences and the School of Nursing. For 30 years, the creation of this publication has cultivated and recognized the many talents of the women who attend this institution. Each issue has been an integral part of the CNR Community and a symbol of pride, hard work and success of the aesthetic works of each generation of students.


Tatler is the student-run newspaper. It serves as the voice of student concerns, as well as a vehicle for information important to CNR students. Tatler comes out monthly, allowing students to learn the skills it takes to put out a printed publication. The paper helps foster the growth of its writers, editors and other staff involved in the process. Email: