Counseling & Health Services

The Counseling & Health Services staff promote preventive health care and health education by encouraging students to participate actively in their own health maintenance to make informed choices regarding their care.  As human beings, each person is unique, and we attempt to meet each individual where they are. 

We provide counseling services to eligible enrolled students at no cost.  We provide part-time access to medical providers free of charge to eligible enrolled students.  The staff is committed to delivering high quality counseling services, outreach programs, counseling, health education, and referrals.  Fees may apply for laboratory, medications, physicals, and/or vaccines.

Counseling & Health Services is located on the New Rochelle Campus in the Angela Building, first floor.  You can contact us at 914-654-5311; we are open Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm.