Our Business Program equips students with a thorough knowledge of principles, theories, and problem-solving techniques in both business and economics, lays solid foundations for graduate work for those who want to pursue an advanced degree in business, and provides a good understanding of today's economic and business-oriented society.

Our courses are designed to fully prepare the student for our multicultural and global world. Hands-on experience through our business internships and co-op education programs offer the competitive advantage needed to fulfill future goals.


Every Business major must include the following courses in the student program:

  • BUS 100 - Our Business and Economic Environment 3 cr.
  • BUS 200Z - Financial Accounting 3 cr.
  • BUS 205Z - Management Accounting 3 cr.
  • BUS 210Z - Principles of Marketing 3 cr.
  • BUS 215Z - Principles of Management and Entrepreneurship 3 cr.
  • BUS 300Z - Financial Accounting II 3 cr.
  • BUS 315 - Business Computer Applications 3 cr.
  • BUS 325Z - Business Law 3 cr.
  • BUS 405Z - Effective Business Presentations 3 cr.
  • BUS 490Z - Business Seminar 3 cr.
  • ECO 101 - Principles of Microeconomics 3 cr.
  • ECO 102 - Principles of Macroeconomics 3 cr.
  • MTH 117 - Elementary Statistics 3 cr. * OR PSY 230 - Psychological Statistics 3 cr.

Note: *Business majors must take one other 3-credit math course to fulfill their requirement for a business degree.

Career Tracks

Students must choose one of the following career tracks.

Financial Markets - 21 credits

  • BUS 225Z - Personal Finance and Money Management 3 cr.
  • BUS 320Z - Fundamentals of Investments 3 cr.
  • BUS 400Z - Corporate Finance 3 cr.
  • BUS 495Z - Business Internship 3 cr.
  • or

  • BUS 499Z - Cooperative Education 3 cr.

  • One of the following three courses:

  • BUS 415Z - Financial Statement Analysis 3 cr. or
  • ECO 240 - Money and Banking 3 cr. or
  • ECO 253 - International Economics 3 cr.
  • 2 other Business electives chosen from other concentrations

Sports Management and Leadership - 21 credits

  • HIS 370 - Race, Sport and Society 3 cr.
  • BUS 360 - Sports Management 3 cr.
  • BUS 380 - Sports Marketing 3 cr.
  • BUS 495Z - Business Internship 3 cr.
  • or

  • BUS 499Z - Cooperative Education 3 cr.

  • One of the following three courses:

  • BUS 310Z - Management Information Systems 3 cr. or
  • BUS 370 - Sports Law or
  • PSY 355 - Organizational Behavior 3 cr.
  • Leadership and Team Building (offered in the Graduate School. Please refer to Graduate Scool catalog for course description).
  • 2 other Business electives chosen from other concentrations

Marketing and Entrepreneurship- 21 Credits

  • CMA 210 - Advertising 3 cr.
  • BUS 270 - Entrepreneurship 3 cr.
  • BUS 420 - Market Research 3 cr.
  • BUS 495Z - Business Internship 3 cr.
  • or

  • BUS 499Z - Cooperative Education 3 cr.

  • One of the following three courses:

  • CMA 213 - Public Relations 3 cr. or
  • BUS 335 - Introduction to Web Design 3 cr. or
  • BUS 275 - Business Consumer Behavior 3 cr.
  • BUS 235 - International Marketing 3 cr.
  • 2 other Business electives chosen from other concentrations

For course descriptions, visit the catalog.

David Schreff


Assistant Professor of Business

B.A., Wesleyan University
M.B.A., University of Connecticut

David Schreff has led companies for over 35 years as a senior executive and  board of directors member, for global leaders in media, sports, communications, licensed consumer products , marketing tech and film/TV entertainment. His worldwide experience spans the National Basketball Association (President, Global Marketing and Media); Marvel Entertainment (President/Chief Operating Officer, Board Director); Walt Disney Television (Vice-President); and the Olympics (Chairman of the Board, USA Volleyball).

David  founded Bedare Sports and Entertainment to link iconic global media and sports companies with breakthrough consumer and digital technology solutions across messaging platforms, marketing tech, e-commerce, mobile commerce, virtual reality and augmented reality. He is an active angel investor, board advisor and business development partner in many companies worldwide. He was a long time member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO),

David constantly seeks to identify and cultivate  future talent for many client/partner companies, and has taught undergraduate, graduate MBA/MS and working executive graduate students in global business, communications, strategic design, sports, entertainment, fashion tech, and digital media programs at The College of New Rochelle, Marist College, Parsons School of Design, Boston University(Questrom School of Business), University of Massachusetts-Amherst(Isenberg School of Business) and Iona College(Hagan School of Business). He has guest lectured at Princeton University, the Culinary Institute of America and the United States Military Academy at West Point.

David has authored two business books about the growth of new emerging media and communication technologies. He serves as an expert witness in complex litigation issues across communications, sports sponsorship and licensing rights, intellectual property rights, and  digital media.