CNR - Mercy Transition Information

CNR & Mercy College Finalize Agreement

The College of New Rochelle and Mercy College have entered into an Agreement of Mutual Cooperation that will ensure a seamless transition for CNR students to continue their education at Mercy. We are deeply thankful to Mercy College for working with us over the last few months under extremely difficult circumstances to realize this goal for the benefit of all CNR students.

Throughout this process, it became very clear to us at CNR that by working with Mercy, we were providing the greatest protection for our students, and that was and is the number one priority that we have. Mercy College has a very similar history and mission, serves a student population very much like CNR’s, has comparable academic programs and campus locations, an excellent reputation, and very substantial financial health.

Often when a college closes, its students are forced to find their own path forward in their education, frequently losing credit for courses they have taken, finding themselves in a new environment with new faculty, and extending the time it takes to earn their degree. We were determined not to allow that to happen for our students.

Our arrangement with Mercy College is unique from other schools in that it provides CNR students the opportunity to automatically transfer to Mercy for the fall 2019 semester to continue their education uninterrupted.

In addition, Mercy College is applying to New York State to offer CNR programs it does not currently offer. This includes some nursing programs and the School of New Resources BA in liberal arts program. To ensure as little displacement of students as possible, Mercy will seek to hire a number of CNR faculty and staff and is exploring leasing portions of CNR’s New Rochelle campus and some of its New York City campuses to host classes and other activities.

We expect information regarding next steps for students to be communicated shortly. CNR President Latimer and Mercy College President Timothy Hall are continuing with the series of town hall meetings with students, faculty, and staff, extending them to each of the CNR campuses. We encourage you to attend so that we may personally address your questions and concerns. In the meantime, we have set up a webpage,, where we have posted answers to many of your questions and will continue to provide updates. 

In finalizing this agreement, the CNR Board of Trustees has also, in effect, decided that CNR will cease operations by the conclusion of the summer 2019 semester at the latest. An exact date for closure will be shared when that determination is made.

While this is not the outcome we had hoped for regarding the future of CNR, we can take solace in the fact that this is not a reflection of the quality academics that CNR offers nor the impact this College has had on so many communities and for so many individuals for the past 115 years.

As we work to continue the education of CNR’s students under the stewardship of Mercy College for fall 2019, we are simultaneously moving college operations forward to graduate the CNR Class of 2019 at Commencement in May. In the coming days and weeks we will provide more details and answers through updates and town hall meetings. We ask for your understanding and patience as we work through the process ahead together. Thank you.

William Latimer, Ph.D., M.P.H., President

Marlene Tutera, Interim Chair, Board of Trustees


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