Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

The College's Multilingual/Multicultural Education Program recognizes the diversity of linguistic backgrounds and cultures which characterize families and schools in the New York metropolitan area.

The master's program stresses language and linguistics, methodology in ESL, cultural awareness, and special developmental needs. We prepare graduates to teach English to speakers of other languages in the pre-kindergarten, elementary, and secondary grades.

Through the knowledge, skills, and cultural sensitivities offered by the program, prospective teachers are enabled to address the needs of children whose primary language is other than English. In addition, prospective teachers will have demonstrated that they meet or exceed the TESOL/NCATE Professional Standards.

Required Courses - 36 Credits

  • MME 506 - Theory of Education for Diverse Learners, 3 cr.
  • MME 503 - Second Language Acquisition, 3 cr.
  • MME 510 - Linguistic Analysis, 3 cr.
  • MME 511 - Structure of English, 3 cr.
  • MME 518 - Language Evaluation and Assessment, 3 cr.
  • MME 519 - Teaching Second Languages Pre-K-12, 3 cr.
  • MME 525 - Teaching Languages Across Content Areas, 3 cr.
  • MME 528 - Designing and Implementing Education for Diverse Populations, 3 cr.
  • LIT 502 - Teaching Reading Comprehension, 3 cr.
  • EDU 750 - Action Research in Schools, 3 cr.
  • SED 579 - Learning and Behavior Disorders in Children, 3 cr.
  • MME 740 - Student Teaching in TESOL, 3 cr.*
    or MME 702 - Practicum in TESOL: Pre-K-12, 3 cr.*

*Note: Professionals who have 40 days of full-time experience as an ESL, bilingual, or foreign language teacher should complete an OT-11 form (Substitution of Experience for Student Teaching), which is available at the Division of Education office. Students whose OT-11 is approved will substitute MME 702 - Practicum in TESOL: Pre-K-12 for MME 740 - Student Teaching in TESOL. Students who are unable to satisfy the requirements listed on the OT-11 form will take MME 740 - Student Teaching in TESOL.

Teacher Certification Workshop Series - No Credit

The Certification Workshop Series is required for initial certification. No credit is given for this required workshop series. The sessions are divided into the following topics:

  • WCS 983 - Identification and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
  • WCS 984 - School Violence Prevention and Intervention
  • WCS 985 - Child Abduction Prevention
  • WCS 986 - Substance Abuse Prevention and Awareness
  • WCS 987 - Health and Safety Issues with Fire Safety and Arson Prevention
  • WCS 990 - DASA: Bullying Prevention Training