School District Leadership

This Master of Science degree program focuses on providing you with knowledge of current theory, best practices, and issues involved in district-level leadership.  The program leads to New York State professional certification as a School District Leader.

In order to receive professional certification as School District Leader, students must have successfully completed three years of classroom teaching service and/or educational leadership service and/or pupil personnel service experience in public or non-public schools grades PK-12.

Required Courses - 30-33 Credits

  • EDL 607 - Application of Technology for Instructional Leaders, 3 cr. (for students taking the full-time internship)
  • EDL 701: Educational Leadership: Theory and Practice
  •  EDL 705: Finance and Facility Management
  • EDL 703 - School Law, 3 cr.
  • EDL 708 - Human Resource Management, 3 cr.
  • EDL 710 - Research, Assessment, and Data Analysis, 3 cr.
  • EDL 802 - Building Effective School Board and Community Partnerships, 3 cr.
  • EDL 806 - Leader as Change Agent, 3 cr.
  • EDL 809 - Superintendency: Systems Management, Decision Making, and Ethics, 3 cr.


Students have a choice of completing the 400-hour internship on a part-time basis over two semesters (6 credits) or on a full-time basis in one semester (3 credits).*

  • EDL 963 - Internship in School District Leadership (Full-Time), 3 cr.
  • EDL 964 - Internship I in School District Leadership (Part-Time), 3 cr.
  • EDL 965 - Internship II in School District Leadership (Part-Time), 3 cr.
    *Applicable in certain situations where a student has some administrative experience; most students will complete the internship in two semesters.