Public Administration

Students in Public Administration class.The master's degree in Public Administration program prepares you for a professional career in public service. You will gain the essential knowledge and skills necessary to lead and manage public and not-for-profit organizations. 

The multidisciplinary curriculum covers topics of management and leadership, organizational theory, public policy formulation, communications theory, human resource management, budgeting and finance, and program evaluation. This program provides the theoretical background, practical experience, and the training necessary if you're looking to enter the field of public service at the management level.

You'll gain practical experience and training through hands-on projects and internships. We'll also connect you with agency and organization leaders from a variety of public service areas to help you build a professional network and obtain new or advanced employment after graduation. A concentration in Long-Term Health Care Administration is also available (42 credit hours).

Required Courses - 36 credits

  • PAD 501 - Introduction to Public Administration, 3 cr.
  • PAD 601 - Management of Non-Profit and Public Agencies, 3 cr.                                
  • PAD 602 - Public Policy, 3 cr.
  • PAD 604 - Human Resource Management, 3 cr.         
  • PAD 606 - Legal and Ethical Aspects of Public Administration, 3 cr.                            
  • PAD 608 - Finance and Economic Policy, 3 cr.          
  • PAD 623 - Non-Profit Communication and Fund Raising, 3 cr.
  • PAD 624 - Business and Professional Presentations, 3 cr.        
  • PAD 630 - Public Relations Campaigns and Strategies for Non-Profits, 3 cr.            
  • PAD 640 - Leadership and Team Building, 3 cr.         
  • PAD 701 - Program Evaluation, 3 cr.                          
  • PAD 710 - Internship in Public Administration, 3 cr.    
  • PAD 711 - Comprehensive Exam, 0 cr.

Recent Internship placements have included:

  • United Nations
  • Westchester Community Opportunity Program
  • Children's Aid
  • Office of New York State Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins