Long Term Care Administration Online

Jointly offered by the College's School of Nursing & Healthcare Professions and Graduate School, the Long Term Care Administration Certificate Program (offered for both post-bachelor's and post-master's students) is designed to allow nursing home administrators to meet all the educational standards for licensure required by the New York State Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators. Interested students must have a bachelor's degree.

The 15-credit program includes five courses. Currently, several courses are offered in an accelerated eight-week, purely online format, and additional courses are being developed in this format each semester. 

Required Courses - 15 credits

  • GRT 500 - Introduction to Gerontology 3 cr.
  • GRT 660 - Nursing Home Administration 3 cr.
  • LTC 503 - Budgeting and Financial Accounting 3 cr.
  • LTC 504 - Management of Human Resources 3 cr.
  • LTC 505 - Health Care Ethics, Law, and Policy 3 cr.