Gifted Education Leading to Extension in Gifted Education Advanced Certificate

This Advanced Certificate Program is designed for teachers who already possess an initial and/or permanent/professional certification at any level and wish to receive both a New York State Extension in Gifted Education and a College of New Rochelle Advanced Certificate in Gifted Education. Coursework is  designed to promote expertise in program and talent development, as well as enriched teaching and learning. Emphasis will be placed on helping classroom teachers assume a leadership role in  differentiating instruction for all children as well as developing and implementing programs for children who are gifted and talented.

Performance benchmarks assure that teachers enrolled in this certificate program achieve high academic standards. Favorable review of student performance within coursework, field experiences, and professional development activity requirements permit students to enroll in the Practicum experience. Successful completion of the Practicum is the final benchmark for the certificate program. The New York State Extension may be obtained upon successful performance on the Content Specialty  Test in Gifted and Talented.

Performance expectations for candidates align with the New York State Teacher Education Standards for Gifted Extension and with New York State Learning Standards. In addition, course objectives reflect the standards established by the National Association for Gifted Children.

Program requirements include a sequence of coursework, field experience,
a series of professional development activities, and a practicum. Teachers
are invited to collaborate with faculty on professional activities within
the field of gifted education. Courses and field experiences prepare future
teachers to use educational technology to nurture the gifts and talents
of students. Teachers will learn to construct a media-rich environment
for the purpose of instruction, inquiry, and creative productivity.


Required Courses - 18 Credits

  • GED 515 - Differentiated Instruction in the Learning Environment 3 cr.
  • GED 549 - Introduction to Talent Development 3 cr.
  • GED 601 - Development of Emotional Intelligence 3 cr.
  • GED 701 - Curriculum Development for Enriched Teaching and Learning 3 cr.
  • GED 800 - Creativity 3 cr.
  • GED 912 - Practicum in Academic Enrichment 3 cr.