Early Childhood Special Education

The program is designed for students who have a degree and initial New York State certification in education and want to teach young children with disabilities in public or private school settings. Coursework is aligned with the NYS Learning Standards and is designed to provide students with content on working with infants, toddlers, and young children with disabilities across contexts.

The sequence will provide our students with skills to work with young children with mild, moderate, severe, or profound disabilities. The literacy courses, in particular, will emphasize young children with mild language or learning disabilities.

Required Courses - 30 Credits

  • EDU 550 - Child Development 3 cr.
  • LIT 601  Early Language and Literacy Instruction 3 cr.
  • SED 543 - Testing and Assessment 3 cr.
  • SED 560 - Instructional and Curricular Components for Teaching Students with Autism and Severe Disabilities 3 cr.
  • SED 565 - Models, Policies, and Practices in Early Childhood Special Education 3 cr.
  • SED 566 - Planning and Implementation of Effective Programs and Interventions For Young Children with Disabilities 3 cr.
  • SED 519 - Multicultural Creative Arts, Content, and Curriculum for Young Diverse Learners 3 cr.
  • SED 563 - Teaching Math, Science & Technology to Children with Learning and Behavioral Disorders 3 cr.
  • SED 812 - Student Behavioral Strategies in the Classroom 3 cr.
  • SED 895 - Leadership Seminar in Early Childhood Special Education with Field Practicum & Research with Special Project 3 cr.