Career Development Advanced Certificate

The Certificate Program in Career Development gives you added expertise in career guidance counseling and is an additional specialization for students already enrolled in the Guidance and Counseling and Mental Health Counseling programs. Obtaining the certificate opens up new career opportunities in professional areas such as training and development and human resources.

Upon completing this certificate, you may choose to continue your studies to complete the 36-credit degree program in Career Development. You must comple the certificate program within three years of admission.

Required Courses - 21 Credits

  • CLD 540 - Theories of Career Counseling, 3 cr.
  • CLD 547 - Methods and Tools of Assessment, 3 cr.
  • CLD 617 - Career Planning, Processes, and Procedures, 3 cr.
  • CLD 622 - Understanding, Evaluating, and Using Career Development Resources, 3 cr.
  • CLD 624 - Planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Workshops, 3 cr.
  • GRT 636 - Retirement Planning/Mid-Life Career Change, 3 cr.
  • CLD 710 - Supervised Internship in Career Development I, 3 cr.