Bilingual Education Advanced Certificate

The College's multilingual/multicultural education programs recognize the diversity of linguistic backgrounds and cultures that characterize the children and families in schools in the New York City metropolitan area. Our programs stress language and linguistics, teaching methodology, cultural awareness, and understanding of special developmental needs of native language learners.

This program, the Advanced Certificate in Multilingual/Multicultural Education leading to Bilingual Extension of Initial/Professional Certification in Classroom Teaching Areas, prepares you to teach bilingually in the area(s) and within the purview of your eligible current classroom certification(s). Through the knowledge, skills, and cultural sensitivities offered by the program, you will be enabled to address the needs of children whose primary language is other than English. In addition, you will demonstrate that you meet or exceed the NYSABE Bilingual Professional Standards.

Required Courses - 18 Credits

  • MME 503 - Second Language Acquisition, 3 cr.
  • MME 506 - Theory of Education for Diverse Populations, 3 cr.   
  • MME 512 - Native Language Arts, 3 cr. 
  • MME 532 - Multicultural Issues in Schools, 3 cr.
  • MME 525 - Teaching Languages Across Content Areas, 3 cr.
  • MME 712 -  College-supervised field experiences of at least 50 hours in providing bilingual education, as appropriate to the teaching certificate from one of the following areas, 3 cr.
    •  Early Childhood Education
    • Childhood Education
    • Adolescence Education
    • Special Subject
    • Literacy Education
    • Career and Technical Education
    • Students with Disabilities in Early Childhood
    • Students with Disabilities in Childhood
    • Students with Disabilities in Middle Childhood
    • Students with Disabilities in Adolescence
    • Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired
    • Adolescence Education
    • Students with Speech and Language Disabilities