Art Education - Initial Certification

Young woman teaching children about art.The primary goal of the program in art education is to train competent art educators. The program focuses on proficiency in the theoretical subject matter, including philosophy and history of art education, the application of developmental theory, the nature of the creative process, and the technical skills necessary to using art media. Our students are expected to have a firm grounding in the history of art, studio art, aesthetics, and art criticism. The art educator is expected to be a practitioner of these proficiencies in the classroom and in the daily life outside the classroom. The art educator is deeply committed to all aspects of art and the creative process and equally committed to engendering enthusiasm for art and the creative process in young people.

Our art education program teaches students to express themselves through the visual arts while providing them with an understanding of the visual arts' social and historical impact. Students of the art education program gain a working knowledge of the philosophical and historical relevance of the profession, the ability to apply art theory to a diverse student population, and the capability to incorporate a variety of learning styles to their teaching.

Each program is approved by the New York State Department of Education and fulfills academic requirements for NYS Initial Certification in Art Pre-K-12 or Professional Certification in Art Pre-K-12. The Initial Certification program is designed for students who have a strong background in studio art (at least 36 credits) and who desire to enter the teaching profession.The Initial Certification program will take three semesters of full-time study or four semesters, Summer Session I and II or two years of part-time study.

Graduation Requirements

36 credits of graduate study as follows:

  • AED 521 - History & Philosophy of Art Education 3 cr.
  • AED 522 - Elementary Art Methods Pre-K-6 3 cr.
  • AED 523 - Secondary Art Methods 7-12 3 cr.
  • AED 525 - Student Teaching in Art Pre-K-12 6 cr.
  • AHS 582 - History of Contemporary Art 3 cr.
  • AED 601 - Multicultural Art for Art Teachers 3 cr.
  • AED 602 - Art for Special Needs 3 cr.
  • AED 603 - Computer Graphics & Technology in the Art Classroom 3 cr.
  • AED 651 - Research Methodology for Art Education 3 cr.
  • Studio Art Elective 3 cr.
  • Studio Art Elective 3 cr.
  • Certification Workshop Series NC

Teacher Certification Workshop Series - No Credit

(Required of all students applying for a NYSED Teacher, Supervisiory, Administrative or Pupil Personnel Service certification)

The Certification Workshop Series is required for initial certification. No credit is given for this required workshop series. The sessions are divided into the following topics:

  • WCS 983 - Identification & Reporting Child Abuse & Neglect (2 hours)
  • WCS 990 - DASA: Bullying Prevention Training
  • Educating All Children (EAS)
  • Content Specialty Test (CST) in Visual Arts
  • Passing scores on the edTPA