CNR Grad Student Interns at the United Nations

January 22, 2019

When graduate student Maryann Rigodon applied for an internship with the United Nations, she never thought she would get it but was pleasantly surprised when she was chosen to intern for the UN’s Office of Internal Oversight Services and the first to ever be assigned to the finance and budget group.

“The Office I worked in is not directly involved in peace keeping operations but they have a significant role in assisting the Secretary General in fulfilling his oversight responsibilities,” says Rigodon, an international student from the Philippines who came to the US in 2017 to study in the Master of Public Administration Program at CNR. “Their primary function is to ensure that the internal controls are effective and adequate and that UN programs are properly implemented in accordance with their objectives and mandates.”

Rigodon, who has an undergraduate degree in accountancy and previously worked at the Central Bank of the Philippines, was assigned the important task of putting together the office’s monthly financial reports.

“I think my background in accounting and with auditing was the main reason I was assigned to this. Each month, my supervisor would provide me with the raw reports. I then had to extrapolate the necessary info and incorporate it into a more convenient format so that the information could be more easily analyzed and inform decision making.”

In addition to improving her technical skills, Rigodon also gained an appreciation for working in a multicultural environment. “It was a very diverse work environment, with those in the office from the United States, Myanmar, my home country of the Philippines, and Russia. And I felt very comfortable there, where everyone showed an appreciation for each other’s cultures and points of view.”

The internship has only served to further solidify her goal of working with an international organization, such as the United Nations, upon graduation from CNR in May.

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